Community Involvement

Tulsa Drillers

IAK partners with the Tulsa Drillers to bring Bully Busters to your school!  This 45 minute assembly is great for your K-2nd grade students.  The Tulsa Drillers' mascot Hornsby and the IAK team teach students the 5 Steps to Be A Bully Buster through interactive movement.  Please contact Ashley Cutright to schedule a Bully Buster assembly for your school! 



Bike Club
IAK partners with the Bike Club to provide after-school programming.  This program teaches students to ride bikes, work on cycling skills, life skills, STEM, and off-campus riding experiences.  The students who complete the program earn a bicycle and helmet.  Please contact Bike Club to learn more about this great program!



Cowboys Get Health, Get Fit
IAK partners with the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences Family Health & Nutrition Clinic and Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension for Cowboys Get Healthy, Get Fit!  The program is for children who struggle with their weight.  The child and their parents learn about their overall health, nutrition, and the importance of physical activity.  To find out more about this program contact Sara Malone at 918-382-4600.



Tandy YMCA
The partnership with the Tandy YMCA began in 2017 when the IAK Dietitians first implemented Cooking Club at Boevers Elementary.  For an end of the year celebration, IAK staff used the Tandy YMCA Healthy Table Kitchen for the students to cook their parents a meal.  For summer 2018, IAK and Tandy YMCA are partnering together to bring in Tulsa Public School (TPS) students for an opportunity to work in the kitchen for Cooking Club.  Students will learn basic cooking skills to create simple recipes while learning about the importance of the five food groups.  The TPS students will also be with IAK's Health Educators in the gym for physical activities through CATCH.  For more information contact one of our Dietitians



Therapy Town
The IAK Dietitians have partnered with the Dietitian at Therapy Town to provide Cooking Club to their clients in 3rd-5th grades.  Cooking Club is a fun, interactive program where students learn about the importance of the five food groups, math and science in cooking, and basic cooking skills they can use for the rest of their lives.  Therapy Town has an accessible garden that was utilized for some of the recipes during Cooking Club.  We plan to partner again in the summer of 2018!



Tulsa Children's Museum
Beginning in the summer and continuing into the fall of 2018 IAK will be partnering with the Tulsa Children's Museum.  The partnership will provide professional development to 60 teachers from 9 schools in Tulsa County on how to integrate Action Based Learning and STEM concepts in their classrooms.  We hope to build a sustainable program!


 Coalition for Community Schools

 Center for Community School Strategies

 U.S. Department of Education: Family and Community Engagement

 Let's Move! Create a School Health Advisory Council

 Camp Fire Green Country

 Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club