Employee Wellness

Schools are not just a place for learning, but a worksite as well. The health of school employees is important for morale, productivity, and creativity. School staff are important role models for children in many areas including health!

Fitness in the Classroom
MoveSpring App Challenges

IAK's Employee Wellness Program is fun and interactive!  We will facilitate different challenges through the MoveSpring app.  The app allows participants to chat with one another, see leader board stats, and get motivation from daily posts.  This year's focus will be on increasing physical fitness.  We had great success during our first year and we are excited to show more school staff how fun it is to challenge yourself, compete against others, and win prizes!

Fitness in the Classroom
Nutrition Consultations

Free nutrition consultations with a Registered Dietitian (RD/RDN) are available to IAK Employee Wellness Program participants.  The purpose of these consultations is to offer support and encouragement as individuals focus on their own personal health and nutrition goals.  The identifying barriers to reaching health goals, analysis of current dietary habits, culinary tips, medical nutrition therapy based on current conditions, and much more.