Employee Wellness

Schools are not just a place for learning, but a worksite as well. The health of school employees is important for moral, productivity, and creativity. School staff are important role models for children in many areas including health. It’s All About Kids (IAK) may be utilized as a resource for school employees. Our staff is available to assist with implementing employee wellness programs such as resources for wellness, group challenge/exercise ideas, or nutrition consultations.  If your school selects Employee Wellness as one of the three priority components on your IAK School Readiness Assessment, we will come speak with your school about ways to get a program started! 

  1. We would first seek out the interest from your school's staff by sending an Employee Wellness Interest Survey.  Once we have the results from the survey, we will have a better understanding of the specific needs and wants of your school.

  2. In order for IAK to successfully implement a wellness program, we will need the help of someone at your school!  We call this person the "Wellness Champion."  They will be the point person for the wellness program collaborating with the IAK Health Educator to implement wellness programming and assist with communication between school staff and IAK. 

  3. Since every school is different, each employee wellness program will look different and will be specifically catered to your school!