Family Engagement

Math & Literacy Night

IAK is available to participate in Math & Literacy Nights to present health or nutrition topics. Parents and students will learn together how to incorporate movement into math or literacy homework or how to incorporate math and literacy when cooking using a recipe.  The games and activities shared can be utilized at home. IAK schedules on a first come, first serve basis. Find a booklet on Math & Literacy activities HERE. Find a Spanish version of the booklet HERE.

Action Based Learning STEM

Action Based Learning STEM provides students and parents the opportunity to explore 6 different activities that focus on movement and incorporating STEM concepts.  The activities can be adapted to assist with incorporating movement into homework. Find a booklet on ABL activities HERE. Find a Spanish version of the booklet HERE.

DIY Family Recipes

Make it a family affair by preparing these recipes created by the IAK team! Invite your children to help prepare the family meal. Your children will have fun helping you, making memories, and learning how to make healthy choices. While in the kitchen practice literacy, math, and science skills. Reading and following a recipe assists in literacy. Measuring or counting ingredients is part of math skills. Finally, observing how all of the ingredients come together to make their meal is a science lesson. Find family recipe videos HERE. Have fun!

Blender Bike

The purpose of the Blender Bike at Family Night events is to show parents what their child learned during the Blender Bike Class during the day.  Students learn how many servings of dairy a day is recommended, MyPlate, reading food labels, and the energy it takes to make the Blender Bike operate to make a smoothie!

Family Fitness Night

IAK is available to participate in Family Fitness Nights where children and parents are physically active together at the school.  Working collaboratively with your school, fitness stations will be setup around the school for your students and their families to participate and learn new ideas about how to be physically active as a family at home.