Family Engagement

Math/Literacy Nights

It’s All About Kids (IAK) is available to participate Math/Literacy Nights where IAK staff present health or nutrition topics. Parents and students will learn together and be able to utilize what they have learned at home. IAK schedules on a first come, first serve basis.

Family Engagement
Cooking Demonstrations

Our dietitians are able provide cooking demonstrations for your school community during parent events. The food must be purchased by the school. Cooking demonstrations require time and preparation, therefore, please contact our dietitians at least three weeks in advance of the event to plan.

Family Fitness Night

Family Play Night allows the parents to be the big kid for a night! Working collaboratively with your school, It’s All About Kids can organize an evening where children and parents are physically active together at the school. Fitness stations will be setup around the school for your students and their families to participate and learn new ideas about how to be physically active as a family at home.



Coalition for Community Schools

Center for Community School Strategies

National Parent Teacher Association

CDC's: Parent Engagement

Parents for Healthy Schools

U.S. Department of Education: Family and Community Engagement