Nutrition Environment & Services

Fitness in the Classroom
Nutrition in the Classroom

Students will be provided with basic nutrition education including healthy eating habits using the USDA MyPlate model.  Students will participate in a 30 minute class discussion which will address the five food groups, foods included in each food group, how many servings of each food group we should have in a day, and basic health benefits of each food group (calcium for strong bones).  Additionally, nutrition in the classroom will also incorporate several fun and interactive games designed to increase each student's knowledge of nutrition.  All discussions and activities are tailored to each grade level.

Fitness in the Classroom
Nutrition in PE

Students will be provided basic nutrition education through interactive and fun age appropriate games including bowling, tag, and card games designed to educate and test knowledge of various nutrition topics.

Fitness in the Classroom
Blender Bike Class

Blender Bike is a fun and interactive way to teach students about nutrition and healthy eating.  Students will participate in interactive discussions coupled with games designed to increase their knowledge of the five food groups, sources of each group, as well as the importance of a healthy well-balanced diet.  All discussions and activities are tailored to each grade level.  Students will also have the ability to make smoothies using our signature "Blender Bike".  Students in grades 3rd-5th will be required to complete a post-test following the day's events and a 60-day post-test to assess retention of knowledge gain during the event.       


Nutrition Curriculum & Games

Nutrition Partner Videos

Holiday Pumpkin Video (Union District)

Holiday Pumpkin Handout K-2

Holiday Pumpkin Handout 3-5

Apple Lesson Video (Union District)

Quick Bread Video (Union District)

Quick Bread Handout K-2

Quick Bread Handout 3-5



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