Action Based Learning


The creator of Action Based Learning (ABL), Jean Blaydes Moize, defines it as the following:

"Changing the future for all children by increasing their health, wellness, and education through movement."

The concepts in the ABL Lab are based upon brain research that supports the link of movement and physical activity to increased academic performance.  Many school-aged children are predominantly kinesthetic processors.  Using movement in the learning process helps many children retain and retrieve information more efficiently.  Physical activity prepares the brain for learning by providing a healthier body/brain that works move effectively.  All things being equal, healthy active students make better learners. 

 12 Foundations of Learning

 Students struggle to learn for many reasons.  Some students struggle because they experienced early childhood developmental gaps that affects learning later on.  We can change the brain for optimal learning by re-teaching basic motor movements and activities that fill in developmental gaps due to neuroplasticity. 

  1.  Cross the Midline: Cross Lateralization
  2.  Body in Space: Vestibular/Proprioception
  3.  Balance: Spatial Awareness
  4.  Visual Development: Encoding Symbols
  5.  Rhythm: Beat Awareness and Beat Competency
  6.  Tactile Learning: Sensory Motor and Fine Motor Skills
  7.  Motor Skills: Locomotor and Non-Locomotor
  8.  Eye/Hand Eye/Foot Coordination: Manipulative Skills
  9.  Physical Fitness: Strength and Flexibility
  10.  Cardiovascular Fitness: Heart Health
  11.  Problem Solving: Embodied Cognition
  12.  Self-Management: Mindfulness and Self-Awareness


It's All About Kids (IAK) is partnering with Tulsa County schools to implement ABL Labs.  Partnering schools include:

  •  Limestone Elementary - Sand Springs
  •  Stone Canyon Elementary - Owasso
  • Boevers Elementary - Union
  • Liberty Elementary - Broken Arrow

If your school is interested in learning more about Action Based Learning, please complete our ABL Interest Form