Health Services

Fitness in the Classroom
Asthma Management Presentation
Participants will learn important basic information for students, staff and parents about  asthma - whether they have asthma or not.  The Tulsa Area Asthma Steering Committee provides an interactive fun, and informative discussion about asthma!  This presentation includes a basic definition of asthma, symptoms and triggers, how to respond to an asthma attack, and medications used for asthma and other treatments. 

Fitness in the Classroom
SoonerCare Application Assistance

A student’s family in need of assistance with applying for or renewing their child’s SoonerCare coverage may qualify for SoonerCare application assistance.  Parents should bring the appropriate documents for the application.  Please review the SoonerCare Documents Required document. Families are welcome to make an appointment with the Tulsa Health Department's Outreach Program

Fitness in the Classroom
Transportation to Medical Appointment

A student’s family in need of transportation to a medical appointment may contact the Tulsa Health Department's Outreach Program