Health Services

In addition to encouraging healthy choices, It's All About Kids also strives to improve access to necessary health services. To address each participating school community's health needs, a School Health Supervisor, is available to provide services including health education, SoonerCare application assistance, transportation assistance for medical appointments, prescription pickup assistance, eyeglasses repair assistance, and necessary community resources.


Health Talks

In an effort to reach out to the parents and community of your students we will be offering Health Talks. We encourage you to incorporate Health Talks as part of your parent events. In a relaxed environment parents will learn about various preventive health topics. The talks are 30 minutes in length. Featured topics include Asthma Management, Poison Prevention, Lice Prevention, Childhood Obesity, Flu Prevention, or Immunization Awareness. Other topics may be explored by working with school staff.

The following are descriptions of Health Talks provided by our Nurse Consultant:

 Asthma ManagementProvides important basic information for students, staff and parents about  asthma - whether they have asthma or not.  The Tulsa Area Asthma Steering Committee provides an interactive fun, and informative discussion about asthma!  This presentation includes a basic definition of asthma, symptoms and triggers, how to respond to an asthma attack, and medications used for asthma and other treatments.  This can be presented as a single stand-alone class for parents and/or staff or it can be taught to children in a series of classes as an after school program. 
 Poison Prevention Provides important information to students and parents about how easily someone can be poisoned accidentally.  This presentation is available to audiences of all ages and will be tailored to fit the age group regarding information and length of time.  The basic information will include where to store poisonous items, look-a-likes (chemicals and medications), and safety regarding poisons when in an unfamiliar environment.
 Head Lice Prevention Provides important information for students, parents, and teachers to know about head lice prevention.  This presentation describes what head lice are, how head lice are transmitted, and what to do if you get head lice.  The presentation can be presented to audiences of all ages.  The information provided and the length of the presentation will be determined by the age of the audience.  For younger children, the focus will be on how to prevent getting head lice.  For older children, the class will describe what head lice are, how head lice are transmitted, what happens when you get head lice, and how to prevent head lice.  For adults, the presentation will describe what head lice are, how head lice are transmitted, how to treat their child and environment, and step-by-step instructions for thorough treatment to prevent re-infestation.

SoonerCare Application Assistance

If a student’s family needs assistance with applying for or renewing their child’s SoonerCare coverage we are here to help. Please ask parents to bring the appropriate documents for the application. A list of these documents can be found on our Forms page called SoonerCare Documents Required.


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Other Health Services

If you have students needing assistance with transportation to medical appointments, assistance with prescription pickup, or eye glasses repair please complete a Health Services referral form found on our Forms page.

All Health Services require a Health Services Referral Form. Please review our Health Services Referral Process document.  For questions regarding Health Services contact our School Health Supervisor.



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