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    • "My classroom is comprised of 4th and 5th grade Special Education students with moderate to severe disabilities.  The instructors were very good to ask me about the various activities and about what would make my students feel successful.  This was so appreciated.  My students had a great time, felt successful and confident participating in all of the activities.  It was a great time of learning and of participation."

      Leisure Park Elementary-BAPS (Fitness in the Classroom)
    • "Your program is excellent in keeping the students actively engaged with hands on learning strategies."

      — Disney Elementary-TPS (Virtual Conflict Resolution)
    • "I LOVED the presentation.  My presenter was VERY knowledgeable and GREAT with the kids.  She used a hands on activity that I am able to discuss with my class for future learning."

      — Lynn Wood Elementary-BAPS (Bully Prevention)

    • I really enjoyed the activities. A lot of times teachers are inundated with the daily hustle and bustle of the constant demands and added pressures. So much so that we lose our creative thought. Thank you for helping to restore this creative learning culture for our community of learners!

      -- MacArthur Elementary Teacher


    •  I learned a lot and plan to utilize as much as possible in the classroom. I really appreciated all the ideas of how to combine movement and learning.  Thank you! I'm excited about ABL!
      -- Lindbergh Elementary Teacher