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IAK Dietitians are partnering with the Child Nutrition Services at Tulsa Public Schools and Union Public Schools to provide fun-filled, active nutrition education to Tulsa County students. The day long sessions include the Blender Bike, how to read a recipe and interactive nutrition games focused on MyPlate and how food fuels your body. We are reaching students K-6!  



Are you up for the challenge?  The second PE Challenge begins November 1st!  The challenge is, "Create Your Own PE Game Based on Class Novel." To participate review the PE Challenge Guidelines and then complete the PE Challenge Survey.  PE teachers this is your chance to win $250 for your gymnasium!  The first PE Challenge runs from November 1st to December 8th.  Show us what you've got! 



Our Mission

To improve overall health and academic achievement of Tulsa County school-aged children in collaboration with students, schools, and the community by aligning learning and health through comprehensive nutrition and health education.

Why Collaborate with It’s All About Kids

It's All About Kids Program

Since its beginning in 2004, the Tulsa Health Department’s It's All About Kids (IAK) program has provided an opportunity for thousands of school children to improve their knowledge, attitudes and behaviors toward nutrition and exercise through comprehensive health education. Learning healthy habits early follows them throughout their lifetime.

Each year, the program reaches over 8,500 students in Tulsa County public school districts, and hosts more than 40 informative and exciting events for parents and families. The program was recognized as a Model Practice in 2008 by the National Association for City and County Health Officials (NACCHO).

It’s All About Kids partners with schools to capture valuable data in the areas of academic improvement, decrease in behavioral referrals, and increase in attendance. IAK follows the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model placing children in the center as the main focus. The WSCC merges components from both the Coordinated School Health model and the Whole Child Framework to align learning and health.

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child

WSCC Model

The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model was developed by merging the Coordinated School Health model and the Whole Child Framework. The relationship between education and health is evident therefore, the WSCC aligns learning and health rather than focusing on each separately. The child is placed in the center to emphasize the primary focus of the WSCC model. Parents, schools and communities work collaboratively around the child to improve health and academic achievement.

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model (WSCC)

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

WSCC Model Brief Video

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Virtual Healthy School

Journal of School Health

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News & Events

  • 11/1/2017
    PE Challenge

    IAK's second PE Challenge begins!

  • 11/09/2017
    FREE Nutrition Class

    Rooted in Tradition: A Different Kind of Thanksgiving
    6PM - 8PM
    Tulsa Health Department
    North Location
    5635 N. MLK Jr. Blvd.
    RSVP to Terri at 918-595-4419
    Space limited to 20

  • 11/23-11/24
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    All THD locations closed to observe the holiday.



  • 12/7/2017
    FREE Nutrition Class

    Holiday Favorites
    6PM - 8PM
    Tulsa Health Department
    North Location
    5635 N. MLK Jr. Blvd.
    RSVP to Terri at 918-595-4419
    Space limited to 20



  • "Thank you for all the investment It's All About Kids is making in our students!"

    Mindi Bisdee, Boevers Elementary Community Coordinator
  • "I wanted to take a moment to thank the IAK team and Tulsa Roughnecks for coming to our school.  Sugar Shockers was such a fun and interactive way to remind our students about making healthy life choices!  They are still talking about it and they loved doing the Wobble dance with Oil-E Coyote.  I appreciate all of the help your team offers for our students and teachers.  I have learned so much in spending time with you all.  Again, WHAT A FANTASTIC ASSEMBLY FOR OUR KIDDOS!!!"

    — Susan Early, Physical Education Teacher Mills Elementary
  • "I have heard so many of our PE teachers say they look forward to It's All About Kids training every year.  The IAK staff is amazing, they make elementary PE games fun not only for elementary students, but adults too!  IAK will always be a part of our back to school kickoff for teachers!"

    — Jen Sanders, Tulsa Public Schools Assistant Athletic Director/PE Coordinator