Physical Education & Physical Activity

It's All About Kids (IAK)  believes that a quality Physical Education & Physical Activity program should provide activities and challenges that meet the mental, physical, emotional, and social needs of all students.  We know that having a successful PE program not only improves the mental and physical health of students, but also improves classroom behavior and brain function. 

IAK Health Educators will partner with your classroom or PE teacher to provide students with the knowledge and ability to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle through games and activities.  We will collaborate with your classroom or PE teacher to introduce new ideas and incorporate activities into their curriculum.  Please see our Physical Education & Physical Activity topics below.

in the Classroom
Research shows that when students are active their brain is ready to process information. In this interact lesson, IAK Health Educators will give teachers and students the opportunity to learn and move at the same time. All activities are based on subjects such as Math, Spelling, Reading, and Science. These activities give students a chance to get up and get moving while putting their brain to work. Combining movement to learning, this lesson is fun and beneficial all at the same time.
Team Building
This interactive lesson will give students an opportunity to work with their classmates in hands-on fun activities that will encourage your students to work together. The lesson involves teaching the students about respect, cooperation, communication, and encouragement. Students will have to practice these skills through the various challenges they will face during this lesson.


Character Playbook - Building Healthy Relationships

ABL LabFor more information about Action Based Learning Labs, please visit our ABL Lab page.


PE Challenge

The PE Challenge is your time to shine!  This is an opportunity for elementary PE teachers in Tulsa County and surrounding areas to showcase student achievement in 4 of the 5 components of fitness.  The winner of each challenge will be awarded $250 to order equipment or materials based on their school's physical education needs!  Winners will be chosen based on the following PE Challenge Rubric.  The third PE Challenge begins February 1, 2018.  Please submit the PE Challenge Survey by March 2, 2018.  Winners will be notified and results will be posted on our website Home page and in the IAK Newsletter.