Social & Emotional Climate

Social & Emotional Climate

It’s All About Kids staff will work collaboratively with Tulsa County schools to provide a positive social and emotional climate. Students need a safe and supportive learning environment to be successful. IAK staff strives to engage students in activities, help students build relationships with their peers and teachers, and provide tools for achieving academic success.

Our staff is available to attend Healthy and Fit School Advisory Commitee and/or Safe School Commitee meetings as their schedules allow. We will provide feedback and resources as requested. Please see our Contact page to reach out to IAK staff for your school regarding scheduled meeting dates and times.

Please review IAK's Social & Emotional Climate topics below. 


Classroom Cohesion
This interactive lesson will give students an opportunity to work with their classmates in hands-on fun activities that will encourage your students to work together.  The lesson involves teaching the students about respect, cooperation, communication, and encouragement.  Students will have to practice these skills through the various challenges they will face during this lesson.


Character Playbook - Building Healthy Relationships

Students will learn what mindfulness means and where it takes place within our body.  A brief lesson of the Limbic System will illustrate how mindfulness works within our brain.  Students will learn how to use mindfulness techniques to calm and regulate themselves when they are angry or frustrated. 
 Bully Prevention ResourcesStudents will learn how to identify different kinds of feelings, the importance of seeing things from someone else's point of view, and the difference between someone being disrespectful once and bullying behavior.  IAK is also able to provide resources and curriculum for your school's staff to utilize upon request. 

 Anti-Defamation League

Evidence-Based Bullying Programs

National Association of Elementary School Principals

National Education Association

Great Schools!  Cyberbullying

 Bully Busters AssemblyIAK is proud to partner with the Tulsa Drillers to bring your school the Bully Busters Assembly!  This 45 minute assembly, for K-2nd graders, students learn the 5 steps to become a Bully Buster. There will be lots of music, moving, and fun!  The assembly will take place in your school's gymnasium.  To schedule an assembly for your school contact Ashley Cutright.   
 Stress ManagementStress, students can experience it too.  In this interactive lesson, students will learn what stress is and how it affects them.  Students will have the opportunity to identify their stressors and brainstorm healthy stress-coping techniques.  This is great programming to schedule before State testing! 
 Conflict ResolutionStudents will evaluate their response to inter-personal conflict.  Through a variety of role-play scenarios, students will learn to distinguish between conflict starter and conflict solver statements.  Students will recognize a win-win situation and learn the skills needed to resolve conflicts in a positive and fair way.
Decision Making
Students will explore making responsible decisions regarding how to treat their classmates with respect, listening to their peers perspective, and build character.


CDC's Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Training

U.S. Department of Education School Climate Surveys

National School Climate Center

Quick Guide on Making School Climate Improvements

Promoting a Positive School Climate Worksheet

Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning

Mindful Schools


Why Try: Academic Resilience

Center on the Developing Child: Resilience

Committee for Children

What is Complex Trauma?

Restorative Practices: Fostering Healthy Relationships & Promoting Positive Discipline in Schools

National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments

CASEL District Resource Center

Social & Emotional Learning: Policy and Practice

Social & Emotional Learning: Opportunities for Massachusetts, Lessons for the Nation